The Eeffect of KCl, KI, and CaCl2 on the Contraction of Muscle Tissue

The objective of this experiment was to determine which of the three solutions, KCl, KI, and CaCl2, induce the greatest contraction of a skeletal muscle tissue (from a rabbit psoas, or lower back muscle). In our experiment, we measured the length of samples of muscle tissue using a micrometer slide under a microscope, added the designated solution, and recorded any changes in length. We ran sixty trials, twenty for each solution, and then used two-sample t tests to determine which had the greatest contraction. Although we predicted that KCl would cause the greatest contraction, our data, however, showed that each solution had an equal effect on the muscle fibers.

Research Done By:

Taylor Herbart
L'Anse Creuse High School

Bethany Morrell
Center Line High School