The Effect of Ginseng Extract and Valerian Root Extract on the
Contraction of Glycerinated Psoas Muscle

Muscle fibers contract in the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP).  However, certain compounds can inhibit this contraction.  Our experiment was designed to determine the effect of valerian root extract and ginseng extract on the ATP-induced contraction of glycerinated lepus sylvalica (rabbit) muscles.  We performed 80 trials: 40 with ATP alone as a control, 20 with ATP and ginseng, and 20 with ATP and valerian root.  The length of the fibers was measured before and after adding the solutions, and the percent difference was calculated to determine the magnitude of contraction.  We analyzed the results of our experiment using two-sample t tests and determined that both ginseng and valerian root significantly inhibited contraction.

Research Done By:

Heather Jagoda
Cousino High School

Jesse Stuart
Warren Mott High School