Aerial Reforestation: The Method of the Future

The purpose of the experiment was to determine how deep a wooden missile containing seeds would penetrate into the ground, at various pressures, which would change the speed.  To investigate this problem, a pneumatic spud gun was used to accelerate the wooden missile to various velocities into an artificially compressed bed of soil.  The depth of the wooden missile was measured.  After an extensive analysis of variance (ANOVA) was performed for the four different mean value pressures, it was revealed that there is a significant difference between the different depths of the seed missiles.  With the onset of global warming and the continuation of vast deforestation, a relatively inexpensive way to reforest empty plots of land is crucial.  The experiments proposed a method of aerial reforestation that would provide accessibility and ease of sowing to more regions requiring reforestation.  The data that appropriate velocities could provide the necessary energy to launch a wooden missile with seeds to critical depths into the ground provided via the experiment is transferable to the altitude and drag a wooden missile would require obtaining the correct velocity necessary to plant seeds at vital depths.

Research Done By:

Ryan DuTour
Sterling Heights High School

Frank Yoskovich
Cousino High School