The Effects of Hair Threads of Leaves and Air Movement on Transpiration

The researchers set out to find the effect of hair threads on leaves and a windy atmosphere on the transpiration rate of plants. The researchers constructed potometers, instruments used to measure the rate of water uptake by plants, to determine the rate of transpiration. A two-factor Design of Experiment (DOE) was used to discover which plant type and which condition had a significant effect on transpiration. Based on data and calculations, the researchers found the fewer amounts of hair threads a leaf had and the most amount of wind it received had a significant effect on the rate of transpiration.

To complete the process of photosynthesis and acquire food, every plant must transpire. Agriculturists must monitor transpiration rates of crops to insure plants are replenished and ready to harvest. This is because water at the ground level is used up before it reaches the leaves (Cantoria). Farmers must aid the plant's roots to ensure that the plants take up the most water to go through transpiration for the photosynthesis process.

Research Done By:

Hajra Khatri
Sterling Heights High School

Sanjana Shahreen
Sterling Heights High School