Effect of Hydrogen Peroxide and Repetition On Change in Teeth Whiteness

Twenty-four hour tea stained eggs — to be a substitute for teeth — were submerged for two minutes in hydrogen peroxide percentages of 3%, 5%, and 6% at different repetition numbers: 2 times, 3 times, and 4 times. The tea stained eggs were given a number based on a whiteness scale 1-10, one being the whitest and ten being the darkest when the eggs were stained and after their submersion in the hydrogen peroxide. The researchers ran six two-factor Design of Experiment to determine if the individual factors of hydrogen peroxide and repetition or an interaction of the two factors had a significant effect on the change in whiteness. The conclusion the researchers came to was that the individual factor of hydrogen peroxide had a significant effect on the change in whiteness. This study may provide a cheaper method to whiten teeth.

Research Done By:

YaLing Lin
Cousino High School

Amy Zhen
Clintondale High School