The Ways Color Heightens Physiological Arousal and Physiological Arousal Encourages Memory Retention

While researching information about the effect color has on arousal, the question arose of whether or not red would show the biggest change in arousal and if that arousal would show a greater likelihood of remembering more words than blue. An increased awareness of America’s place in the world’s education scale has brought worries to many people. If America hopes to gain a higher position, new techniques must be put into place to help students learn more efficiently.

The purpose of this experiment was to find if red or blue was more efficient in heightening physiological arousal and if higher levels would help in memorization. Two experiment groups, one red and one blue, made of 30 high school students were used to run this experiment. During each trial a resting respiration was taken and then compared to a respiration rate taken while being exposed to either a red or blue paper. The subject was then asked to write down as many words as they could remember.

By running three two-sample t tests, it was found that the red and blue groups both showed an increase in arousal (blue had a larger increase) and that more words were remembered on average when exposed to the blue paper. This is believed to be because the color red did not arouse the subject to his/her potential and the color blue either did arouse the subject to full potential or was closer to the optimal level.

Research Done By:

Angelica Rolston
Center Line High School