The Relationship between Economics and Food Consumption

The obesity rate in America is rapidly growing throughout generations. Along with obesity, the American economy is at a low standpoint. An observation made by many researchers is that the economy is a major factor in which consumers choose their food options. This suggests that consumers choose unhealthy but cheaper choices therefore it does not affect their household income. The experiment was conducted to survey consumers to prove that the economy does have an impact on consumers’ food consumption. The survey was conducted at two types of restaurants: one healthy and expensive, the other unhealthy and inexpensive. The survey contained questions to cover all factors that play a role in household income and food choices. After the data was analyzed, it was conclusive that the economy is a factor in which consumers choose their meals because it was found that people were spending more of their annual income on a healthy restaurant than on the unhealthy restaurant. Further research could be conducted in order to cover lurking factors.


Research Conducted By:

Jessica Belcher
Sterling Heights High School

Natalie Steflja
Sterling Heights High School