The Effect of Different pH Values on the Amount of Erosion of Tooth Enamel

This research was conducted to determine the effects of a base and an acid on the erosion of tooth enamel. People who are going on basic diets may be at risk compared to someone on an average diet. It is believed that basic foods do not erode as much as acidic foods, but the experiment was conducted to test this.

The experiment was conducted by using two different pH valued substances, ammonia and vinegar, in which ammonia is a basic solution and vinegar is an acidic solution. Lactic Acid Bacteria was grown in plastic cups one day prior to the experiment day. Then, obsidian was massed and put into plastic cups. The mass in grams of the obsidian was written on the side of the plastic cups. Then, each substance, either ammonia or vinegar, was placed into the cups. This was done 30 times for each substance. The experiment resulted in ammonia affecting the obsidian greater than the vinegar. This can be used to determine the severity of different basic substances that people commonly ingest during a basic diet. This diet includes things such as dates, spinach, plums, carrots, and chives.

Research Conducted By:

Martin Jabboury
Center Line High School

Hunter Montrose
Lake Shore High School