The Effect of Herbal Remedies Compared to the Medical Treatment of E. Coli

The effects of herbal remedies and medical treatments on the growth of E. Coli was tested to see if herbal remedies are more powerful than medical treatments. Not many approve of going to the doctor for every sickness and seek out a home remedy before going to the doctor. If herbal remedies proved to be more powerful than medical treatments in this test, then people could spend less money at the hospital. To test this, treatment discs were dipped in the treatments of Fennel and Thyme extract or Ampicillin and three discs were set in a Petri dish full of bacteria. The Petri dishes were then set in an incubator for a 24 hour period. The inhibition zone around the treatment disc was then measured and averaged, and three two-sample t-tests were performed, concluding that Ampicillin (the medical treatment) had a significantly larger effect than Fennel and Thyme (herbal remedies). However, there was no significant difference based on a 0.05 alpha level between the Fennel and Thyme treatments.

Research Conducted By:

Antonio Liccardello
South Lake High School

Justin Lumpkins
Warren Mott High School