Genetic Variation in Tardigrada

On earth, humankind stares above at the stars and the whole of the universe, curious, desiring to expand into this great unknown. Now, researchers have found an organism that possesses the ability to take us there with proper experimentation. This creature has been classified and named as the Tardigrade, also commonly known as the water bear.

The purpose of this experiment was to test and prove that this life form ’s durability is based on its own genetic pattern. To conduct research on the Tardigrade, two analysts observed, compared and contrasted survival rates between samples of water bears. The researchers placed each sample in a freezer set to an average of -24° Celsius for 35-45 seconds. The rate of surviving water bears was calculated, and the same sample would be placed in the freezer again for the same amount of time. The second survival rate was recorded and it was concluded that this rate was, on average, 21% higher than the first; leading to substantial evidence that the survivability of the Tardigrade is governed by its particular genetic code.

Research Conducted By:

Austin Byron
Warren Mott High School

Austin Morales
Lake Shore High School