Zebra Mussel: Controlling Them With Chemicals

The purpose of this experiment was to find a chemical that was capable of controlling the zebra mussels in the water systems of the world. The type of experiment used was a Design of Experiment which had three variables - A ( Amount of Chemical), B (Type of Chemical), and C (Current). There were eight combinations of these variables. When the experimenters tested these variables, it allowed them to see what combination killed the most zebra mussels.

The best result - 40 out of 40 - was achieved when the amount of chemical was 0.7 grams, the type of chemical was ammonium nitrate, and there was no wavemaker in the bowl. This result disproved the experimenter's original hypothesis - the wavemaker and 0.7 grams of carbon - will produce the largest number of dead zebra mussels. The results of the experiments showed that zebra mussels are very hard to control.

Research Done By:

Kris Ann Baker

Jennifer Pyszora
L'anse Creuse