Chromatography: The Science of Color Separation

The purpose of this investigation was to learn more about chromatography by designing and performing a DOE experiment. The experiment required some initial research to increase the understanding of the topic. This was accomplished through a literature search and preliminary chromatography experiments. After this knowledge was obtained, further trial and error led to the final factors and design of the experiment. The standard of comparison for the data values was a best Rf value of 0.3 to 0.4. The hypothesis proved to be true in that the silica gel strip, preconditioning, and the glutamic acid (+,+,+) had the highest Rf value of 0.25. These results were expected because they corresponded with the hypothesis. However, another trial, with the silica gel strip, preconditioning, and the aspartic acid (+,+,-), surprisingly had the same Rf value and thus this trial was also a best result. It was concluded that the silica gel strip, in combination with preconditioning and either amino acid (glutamic or aspartic) had the highest Rf value.

Research Done By:

Julie Brosowski
Warren Mott

Brooke Kahl
Warren Mott