Anti-Bacterial vs. Regular Soap

Some infections and common colds are caused by the transfer of bacteria from hand to hand in daily life. Simply washing one's hands may reduce the cause of infection. Raczak and Setlak designed an experiment to determine than the regular liquid hand soaps. The researchers decided to test the two soaps by a three-factor Statistical Design of Experiment. After the researched their subject, they designated the three factors as bacteria, liquid soap, and time. The researchers grew bacteria and then ran the appropriate trials. They counted the colonies (before and after) and recorded the results. Raczak and Setlak analyzed the patterns of the data. The best results that killed the most bacteria were E. coli K12, anti-bacterial liquid soap, and duration of one hour. They concluded that anti-bacterial soap was not effective enough to be worth the increase in price over the regular soap.

Research Done By:

Megan Raczak

Nicole Setlak