The Effectiveness of Water Filters

For this project, we tested how well filters remove unwanted contaminants from drinking water. We tested a consumer filter and a constructed filter that used the same basic principle. We ran tests for removal of chlorine, iron copper, and calcium chloride. Also, we tested how well the filters lowered the pH. level. First, tests were ran through a new filter. After all the data was collected, we ran many trial of water through the filterto simulate the aging process. It is said that filters should be changed every two months.We tested if the aged filter produced the same results as the brand new filter. The constructed filter was tested for the same contaminants. We tried to produce the same results as the consumer filter. We found that the consumer filter met every expectation. The age of the filter had a huge effect on performance. The constructed filter had moderate success but not to the extent of the consumer filter.

Research Done By:

Matthew DuBay

Bryan Steele