Interaction of Duck Weed and Sodium Chloride

In the winter, humans dump sodium chloride on the streets to break down the ice. This salt can make its way into the natural water cycle and can affect the surrounding ecosystem. We wanted to see if sodium chloride had an affect on duckweed, which is a plant that survives on top of the water. We discovered that as the concentration of sodium chloride increased, duckweed ceased to grow. However, as the amount of salt in the pond water decreased, the duckweed grew quadraticly with respect to time. When compared to the molarity of the solution, the duckweed grows at an inverse rate. This outcome confirmed our hypothesis that the increase in sodium chloride will stop the growth of the duckweed. We found this by growing duckweed in different concentrations of sodium chloride and measuring how much their roots grew in 30 days.

Research Done By:

Rob Knapp
L'Anse Creuse

Vishal Malhotra