Effects of Miracle-Gro, Pesticide, Weed Killer, and Vinegar on Bean Plants

The purpose of our project was to find out the effects of various chemical solutions on bean plants. We used combinations of Miracle-Gro, weed killer, pesticide, and vinegar. We made two solution combinations and watered a tray using each combination. We used seven trays total, one for each chemical combination and one was watered with water, used as a control. We planted 18 bean plants in each tray. After watering them twice a week, every Tuesday and Friday, for 5 weeks, and taking height measurements every Monday and leaf counts every Friday, we averaged each week and compared the heights after the five weeks passed. We found that plain water worked the best, a Miracle-Gro / Pesticide combination was second, and any tray with vinegar had no growth at all.

Research Done By:

Carl Kloster
Lake Shore

Tim Lukose