Minimizing Water Loss in Jade Plants Using Varying Light Conditions

The purpose of our experiment was to determine whether or not the lighting conditions that a jade plant was grown in had an effect on the pH of the plants. The lighting conditions we used were 24 hours of dark, 24 hours of light, and 12 hours each of dark and light. We ran our experiment by first assigning values to each of the plants. Then, we randomized which plants would go into each of the groups: dark, light, and control. We next grew the plants in their specified conditions, and observed and watered them for 2 weeks. We then removed a leaf from each plant that had a mass of approximately 0.500 grams. We made a mixture of the leaf, water, and a small amount of sand, then tested the mixture with the pH probe and the Logger Pro program. We performed a descriptive analysis on our data, and were unable to conclude that lighting condition has an affect on the pH of a jade plant.

Research Done By:

Jaclyn Kapustka
Sterling Heights

Christa Lenhardt