Amount of Acetylslicylic Acid Present in Aspirin

We found the amount of acetylsalicylic acid present in three brands of aspirin: CVS, Meijer, and Rite Aid. We calculated the amount of acetylsalicylic acid present in each brand of aspirin. We performed an ANOVA to analyze our data and to see if the three brands of aspirin contained a significantly different amount of acetylsalicylic acid. The three p-values we obtained were much larger than 0.05; therefore, we were not able to reject our null hypothesis. We concluded that the brands of aspirin were from the same population, meaning that the cheapest brand of aspirin, Meijer, will give the same amount of pain relief as the most expensive brand, Rite Aid.

Research Done By:

Eyvan Alkhazraji
Warren Mott High School

Rob Walkowicz
Cousino School