Determining the Effect of Concentration and Temperature on the Kc Value of an Equilibrium Reaction

Our objective was to determine Kc, an equilibrium constant, for the reactants of ferric nitrate and thiocyanate. We were then to perform statistical analysis to find if temperature and concentration had an effect on Kc. This was accomplished by using logger pro for data collection and a colorimeter to find absorption and then concentration. Data collection was performed with a high, low, and standard, temperature and concentration as variables. The absorbance of the product FeSCN2+ was used to determine the concentration using an absorbance versus concentration formula. After determining Kc and performing statistical analysis, the results displayed that in our trials the changes in concentration and temperature had no notable effect on Kc. According to our results, concentration had an effect on Kc, and temperature did not. We did however, conclude that this was most likely caused by equipment used in data collection, so more experimentation would be needed in order to find conclusive results.

Research Done By:

Bryan Mets
L'Anse Creuse

Stephan Boice
Sterling Heights