Effect of Temperature, Concentration, Voltage, and Time on the Mass of Copper Electroplated

The objective of this experiment was to find how different factors affect the mass of copper electroplated onto nickel. The experiment was set up by connecting copper and nickel strips to a battery, the voltage source. The strips were then placed into a solution of copper (II) sulfate and hydrochloric acid, completing the circuit. The factors, temperature of the solution, voltage, concentration of the solution, and time of the trial, were varied to find which factors had an effect on the results. A 4-factor Design of Experiment (DOE) was performed on the results. The factors, the concentration of the solution, the voltage, and the time of the trial had significant effects on the mass of copper electroplated onto nickel. Also, the interaction of effects of concentration and voltage, concentration and time, and voltage and time had a significant effect on the mass of copper electroplated onto nickel. This process makes jewelry manufacturing cost efficient.

Research Done By:

Caitlin O'Gara
Sterling Heights High School

Ramsay Brasza
Cousino Tower High School