The Effects of Varying Solutions on Phosphate Levels Contained in Runoff

For this experiment, phosphate levels in runoff were tested to determine which factor, dish soap, fertilizer, or shampoo, was most detrimental to the environment. Four inch by four inch pieces of sod were treated at the beginning of each week with diluted dish soap, fertilizer, or shampoo. For the remainder of the week, each piece of sod was treated with an equal amount of water. The runoff was collected in a basin under the pieces of sod. The samples of runoff were tested daily to determine the levels of phosphate present. Through ANOVA tests of four weeks of data, it was determined that fertilizer consistently produced the highest phosphate levels, essentially making it the most harmful to the environment if over-applied, and shampoo mainly had the lowest levels of phosphate, making it the least dangerous.

Research Done By:

Alyssa Bowling
L'Anse Creuse High School

Samantha Hebel
L'Anse Creuse High School