Measuring Concentration of Ozone in Various Environments

Our experiment was designed to compare tropospheric ozone levels in various environments. We hypothesized an area with Xerox machines would have a much higher concentration of ozone measured in parts per billion. We used Schönbein paper to measure the ozone in the air by comparing a color change to a color chart, and then comparing the Schönbein number given from the chart to a graph that related the Schönbein number to the relative humidity to give a concentration of ozone. We conducted 10 trials at each of the six locations. Using an ANOVA test, we compared the sample means of each of the environments to see if there was a significant difference in the amounts of ozone. The ANOVA test suggested that not all of the concentrations of ozone were equal and that the forest area had the highest concentration while the main road area had the lowest. However, to say these areas have the highest and lowest concentrations for sure, we would need to do many more trials. Therefore, we cannot draw a conclusion between the tropospheric ozone levels at various locations.

Research Done By:

Jordan Cholewa

Kelsey Steinhauser
Warren Mott