Temperature Change, Reaction Length, and Specific Heat of Endothermic Reactions

Which endothermic reaction acts as the best ice pack with high temperature change, low reaction time, and high specific heat?  In this experiment, the substances KCl, NH4Cl, and NH4NO3 are mixed with water to create three reactions.  Each reaction is tested in a calorimeter with a LabPro device and temperature probe, which is set to measure temperature over time.  This data then is used to calculate the temperature change, reaction time, and specific heat.  The result of the data points to NH4NO3 as being the best instant ice pack because it has the highest temperature change of 20.6˚C, lowest reaction time along with NH4Cl of 26.5 seconds, and a specific heat approximately the same as the others at 8.61J/g*˚C.

Research Done By:

Brandon Cadrette
Lakeview High School

Peter Jaworski
Sterling Heights High School