The Effect of Water Temperature and Detergent on the Removal of a Grape Juice Stain

This experiment was done to find out how different temperatures of water and organic or inorganic detergent will effect the stain removal on a cotton cloth.  The results of this experiment will help people in choosing which type of detergent and the temperature of water that will best get out a stain.   The experiment was done by first staining the cotton cloth with grape juice and recording the initial color of the stain.  After that the detergent was measured out and added to the water, which was at the correct temperature.  Then the cloth was submerged into the water and then shaken for thirty seconds, immediately after the cloth sat in the detergent water for five minutes.  Finally the cloth was taken out of the container and let dry.  Once dry the stain’s final color was determined using the color scale.  

The result of the analysis of variance test was that there was a difference between the means of each sample.  When comparing the different temperatures hot water had the greatest amount of stain removal.  While looking at organic verses inorganic, the inorganic detergent had a higher mean two out of the three times.  The best stain removal was from the hot water with the inorganic detergent.  The results of this experiment is important because it can help them know what type of detergent and which temperature of water should be used to remove a stain.

Research Done By:

Jordan Kroll
Cousino High School

Wendy Lenhardt
Cousino High School