The object of this experiment was to determine the levels of chlorine in four different high school pools, tap water and distilled water.  The equipment required for the experiment was a Vernier Colorimeter, pH and Chlorine Test Strips, and DPD Reagent 1 and 2.  Since the Colorimeter measures absorbance, it has no units.  The DPD Reagents and the pH and Chlorine test strips were measured in parts per million (ppm).  Three ANOVA tests and two 2 sample t tests were performed to compare the results of the data collected.  The statistical tests showed there were significant findings in our data.  The null hypothesis stated that all colorimeter trials and all test strip trials were equal.  All of the tests were rejected at the 0.05 alpha level.  It can be stated that Cousino High School had the largest amount of excess chlorine in their pool.  Lake Shore High School also had a large amount, but not as high as Cousino.  Clintondale had the exact amount of chlorine necessary for a high school pool, while Warren Mott High School was still in the range but a little high.

Research Done By:

Nicole Pasden
Clintondale High School

Mary Salisbury
Clintondale High School