The Effects of Shampoo and Ultra Violet Light Exposure on the Color Fading of Demi-Permanent Hair Dye

Hair dye is used regularly in salons worldwide. A common question asked by customers is how to preserve the color treatments for the longest length of time. The question posed was what affects do shampoo and UV light exposure have on the color fading of hair dye. To test this question, an experiment was conducted by dying 24 samples of virgin blonde hair with NíRage Cobalt Blue demi-permanent hair dye. These samples were divided and washed with a water control and three different brands of color-preserving formulated shampoos (Herbal Essence, Pantene, and Garnier Fructis) and exposed to set treatment groups of UV light ( 3 hours or none).

A color fade strip was created to compare quantity color change. As the hair was washed, it was compared to the color fade strip and its corresponding fade strip number was recorded. The final difference in color for each hair sample was found by calculating the difference between the color number after its last wash and its original color number before any washing. After conducting an ANOVA test, there was proven to be no statistical difference between the individual shampoos. A Two-Sample T-Test proved that UV light is a prevalent factor in the fading of hair dye. With this knowledge cosmetology companies can work to make a product that will better withstand the intense affects of UV light exposure.

Research Done By:

Amber Cicalo
Cousino High School

Ellyse Vogel
Fitzgerald High School