Denitrifying Bioreactors

The purpose of this experiment was to determine the true percent difference of a denitrifying bioreactor when tested with nitrate rich fertilizer. The hypothesis was that the bioreactor would remove anywhere from 40 - 60% of the nitrates in the water. In order to test this, a set-up was created using 2-gallon buckets and a fabricated peristaltic pump to pump fertilizer mixed in water through the buckets, which were filled with woodchips. The anaerobic bacteria in the woodchips converted the nitrates into nitrogen gas, therefore lowering the nitrate levels. The results were consistent throughout the experiment, with a 50% decrease for every trial. It was concluded that the hypothesis was accepted, since the 50% decrease received was within the hypothesized levels of 40 - 60%.

Research Conducted By:

Abbigail Auberle
Warren Mott High School

Crystal Jacobs
Lakeview High School