Today's Slingshot and Jell-O Experiment

What combination of variables will cause the greatest penetration of a projectile into jell-o?

Evans and Shaum's project studied the impact of a low-speed projectile into a gelatinous material. They studied the effect of the projectile in terms of speed of the projectile, the distance the projectile enters the material, the size of the projectile and the density of the material.This study consisted of the previously named variables in such a way that they used a DOE to statistically study the experiments. Evans and Shaum used many variables together in different groups to study the effects of each variable. The variable of the speed had a significant impact on the outcome of the experiments because the faster the projectile was hurled, the more likley the projectile was to penetrate through the material and exit the back. The distance the projectile entered the material was a factor of the variables because each variable caused a different effect and thus a different distance of penetration. While dealing with the size variable, Evans and Shaum anticipated a significant impact on the results. The larger size resulted in greater momentum, but also greater resistance while traveling through the jell-o.

Research Done By:

David Evans
Warren Mott

Johnathon Shaum
L'Anse Creuse North