Dowsing: Is it a Science?

Previous to Bologna and Lewandowski's experiment, there had been little scientific experimentation to justify dowsing as a repeatable procedure with consistent results. There have been many theories on how dowsing could work, but none were proven. Bologna and Lewandowski's experiment was simple. Four volunteers were used to dowse over two selected areas in which a portion of each area contained a water line. They had the volunteers dowse with and without blindfolds to determine if sight had an effect on the results, and they also used a cart with the dowsing rods attached to determine if there was a human interaction. The dowsing rods were observed as the dowsers dowsed. The movement of the dowsing rods as was recorded as the volunteers walked over the areas. The movement of the rods on the cart as it was pushed over its two areas was also recorded. The results proved that human interaction and sight had a great effect on whether or not the dowser successfully dowsed the water lines. Dowsing was neither proved nor disproved. However, it was proven that sight and human interaction were the main factors in successful dowsing.

Research Done By:

Dominick Bologna
Warren Mott

Andrew Lewandowski