The Dewey Decibel System

The purpose of this project was to figure out if the barriers the construction workers are using are effective. The main reason for this was because Cooke and Ogden were very interested in the way these barriers are devised. They found that even though the barrier used on highways and such is not the most effective, but that it is the most logical. Their experiment proved that wood was the best barrier. They proved wood was the best factor by setting up a tape recorder by the tires of a passing car. They took the tape and played it, placing the decibel meter two and a half meters from the tape player. The meter recorded the decibel measurement and with that, the group set the volume at the desired sound level. Next, they put the barrier in place and continued to change the variable status, finally retrieving their results.

Research Done By:

Michael Cooke

Jason Ogden
Center Line