The Detection of Lies

Lorenzetti and Morin chose as their purpose to investigate the factors involved in a lie detector, and to formulate an algorithm from the results. This algorithm's purpose was to weigh each factor and determine whether the subject was lying. The experiment was set up by attaching the subject to a blood pressure/heart rate meter before and after the test. The subject wore a glove to measure resistance, and a hat to measure movement. The nerve test was administered before and after the test also. The questions were asked while the subject was wearing the glove and the hat. The resulting data was inconclusive. Each subject's response to the factors varied greatly, yielding no apparent trend in any one of the factors. This resulted in the inability to create an algorithm. In conclusion, people's bodily responses vary too greatly, based on the group's data, to create a general algorithm for all people.

Research Done By:

Cesare Lorenzetti
Center Line

Shannon Morin