"Celling" Electrochemistry

This project was decided upon in order to determine the validity of the Nernst Equation. The factors of experimental setup, temperature, and concentration were tested to assess which factor created the highest voltage out of the system and to discern if the tested results were close to the predicted results given by the Nernst Equation. To do this, electrochemical cells were constructed and a Design of Experiment (D.O.E.) was done to calculate the greatest and smallest cell voltages. Two different tests were run in order to perfect the results. Calculations proved that the factor that most affected the voltage out of the system was the concentration of Copper Sulfate (CuSO4). Based on the experimental data, it appeared that the Nernst Equation was inaccurate, but the equation did not take into account one of our factors -- the experimental setup.

Research Done By:

Jennifer Gerlach
Sterling Heights

Kari Zebracki
Warren Tower