The Effect of Pole Alignment and Steel on the Magnetic Holding Strength of Ceramic 5 Magnets

The goal of our senior research project was to discover whether pole alignment, (like poles, opposite poles or halved poles) and the presence of steel between magnets had an effect on the strength of the magnets. We held the magnets in an aluminum frame and placed the arrangement upside down on a steel plate. We measured the holding strength of the magnets in each different scenario by hanging weight from the magnet arrangement until it fell. By analyzing the data using a t-test, we were able to conclude that the alignment of the poles did have a significant effect on the magnetic holding strength. Also, we determined that steel placed between the magnets did have an effect in the like poles and halved poles trials, but not in the opposite poles trials.

Research Done By:

Gerard Czarnecki

Reid Tatoris
Warren Mott