Fastener Strength

In our experiment, we wanted to test the strength of fasteners by determining the amount of torque required to break them. By testing different factors, such as grade (or hardness) and lubrication applied to the fastener, our goal was to run a Design of Experiment to determine the conditions under which a fastener could withstand the most torque. The torque was tested using specialized equipment from the General Motors Fastener Lab. The apparatus included a hydraulic arm, a numerically controlled torque wrench, and analyzing software. Bolts were tightened to a breaking point and the associated torque was recorded with software and printed out for further analysis. During the analysis process, it was determined that a 12.9 grade bolt with Mobil Motor Oil 5w/30 lubrication would hold the most torque before snapping.

Research Done By:

Jack Dodd

Jayme Martyniak
Warren Mott