Comparison Testing of Coefficients of Restitution of Golf Balls

Through experimentation, we tested and recorded coefficients of restitution of various golf balls. The coefficients of restitution of balls compare the retention of kinetic energy before and after a ball collides with another object. Balls with higher coefficients of restitution have a stronger bounce, and, therefore, are usually more desirable. We used two methods of experimentation. One method involved measuring the change in horizontal velocity of a golf ball after impact, and the other method involved measuring the vertical bounce height after impact. We tested these methods and found that recording the bounce height gave a more accurate coefficient of restitution, to within 13% of the published value. By using this method, we tested seven different golf balls and found out that Akros brand balls had the highest coefficient of restitution and Titleist Professionals had the lowest coefficient of restitution. This was in accordance with our hypothesis, which stated that balls with harder covers will have higher coefficients of restitution.

Research Done By:

Justin Francisco

Joe Shermetaro