The Ballistics of a Nerf Dart Gun at Multiple Angles

The purpose of our experiment was to determine how close to uniform projectile motion the motion of a Nerf dart comes. We did this by filming each of our trials in an attempt to use the recordings to help with our analysis. First we randomized the trials so that we could eliminate as much bias as possible. We then launched the darts and recorded the distances that they traveled. Next we used video analysis to determine the amount of time that the dart had been in flight. This allowed us to find the initial velocity of the dart. From all of this we were able to attain results that were . We found that the velocities of the different dart guns were all different. However despite these differences the data all came from the same population according to the T-Tests we ran. The distances traveled by each particular gun varied with the angles. The distances traveled by the darts were also somewhat different between the different dart guns.

Research Done By:

Brad Lechkun

Ryan Wilber