Determining Which Household Building Material Absorbs the Most Decibels of Sound at Frequency Levels of 100Hz, 1000Hz, and 8000Hz

The purpose of our research was to discover which household building material-Drywall, Plywood, Foam and our Control, of nothing- would absorb the most decibels at 100Hz, 1000Hz and 8000Hz frequencies. To do this, we first found the mean values for the data sets of the materials at each frequency. We then compared the top two mean values at each frequency level with a two-sample t test to determine whether or not the data sets were from different populations. If the two data sets were from different populations, we could claim the material which contained the higher mean data set was the material which attenuated the most sound and that the results were not due to chance. We found that with 95% confidence, Drywall was the best sound attenuator.

Research Done By:

Joel Brown
Warren Mott High School

Calvin Cheung
Warren Mott High School