Determining the Effect Of Current, Spring Length, And Number Of Layers Of Wire On The Strength Of An Electromagnet

The purpose of our experiment was to determine what factors held an effect over the amount of mass that an electromagnet can support. Using a 3-Factor DOE, our individual variables were decided to be number of wire wraps, amount of current, and contact area between the magnet and the mass. We created the electromagnets, using pieces of steel bolts as the core material and enameled copper wire as the method to create the magnetic field. Using a container attached by pieces of string to a washer, we suspended the washer from the electromagnet, and added sand to the vessel until it fell. We weighed the total mass of the system that was supported, and recorded the data. Using the DOE method of analysis, we determined that the factors of wire windings and current both had a positive effect, whereas the contact area had a negative effect.

Research Done By:

Andrew Garcia
Sterling Heights High School

Michael Mroch
Sterling Heights High School