The Effects Of Elevation Angle On A Solar Cellís Current

The efficiency of a photovoltaic, or solar cell, is directly indicated by the current it generates. This generated current depends on many aspects. One of these is the angle at which the cell is elevated. Our research examined the effects of changing a solar cellís angle. We measured the current generated in five solar cells, at five different angles to the ground, over a six-hour period. We found that the cell elevated to 67.5 degrees consistently generated the most current of the five cells, in the Detroit area on November 17, 2001. We cannot conclude that this information would be correct with all types of solar cells in all places at all times of the year. We can, however, see a direct relationship between the angle of the solar cell, the elevation of the sun, and the current generated.

Research Done By:

Kristen Hoffman
Cousino High School

Jonathan Long
Cousino High School