The Effects of Positive Pressure Ventilation, Negative Pressure Ventilation and Condition of Exhaust Outlets on Smoke Removal

The purpose of our experiment was to determine the best method to remove smoke from a two-story house. We obtained a two-story scale model house, and used weather stripping and Plexiglas to seal off the windows. We placed a fan in front of the doorway; filled the house with fog, and then ran trials utilizing four different situations: windows either open or closed, and negative or positive pressure (fan facing in or out). We recorded the amount of time it took to remove all the smoke from the bottom room near the window. After collecting our data, we ran a One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). We found that negative pressure with windows open proved to remove smoke the quickest, which contradicted our published data that positive pressure works better than negative pressure.

Research Done By:

Andrew Cramer
Lakeview High School

Christopher Ranere
Lakeview High School