Difference in Face Temperature Change When Asked Passive Questions Opposed to Invasive Questions

The objective of our experiment was to determine if there was a greater or less temperature change in a group of subjects asked one set of passive questions then one set of invasive questions as opposed to a second group asked two sets of passive questions. To carry this experiment out, we used an infrared camera to record the subject's face temperature before and after each set of questions. We then found the difference in each subject's face temperature by subtracting the temperatures before and after each set of questions. We compared the face temperature changes from both groups and determined that there was no significant difference in face temperature change when asked passive questions as opposed to asking invasive questions. Therefore, we could not reject our null hypothesis which stated that there would be no significant change in a subject's face temperature when asked invasive questions as opposed to passive questions.

Research Done By:

Andrew Kosinski
Sterling Heights High School

Tim Scism
Fraser High School