The Effect of Shingle Color and Roof Ventilation on the Temperature of Model Houses

The purpose of this experiment was to find which factors of shingle color and roof ventilation have an effect on the temperature in model houses. We constructed eight houses with white or black shingles, and vented or non-vented roofs. Two heat lamps were set up above each house, with four houses per trial. The initial and final temperatures were recorded from thermometers, in the top and bottom of each house. A two-factor Design of Experiment (DOE) was applied to our data, to determine which factors had a significant effect. We found that the houses with roof ventilation had a greater temperature change over the trial. Also, black shingles had a larger recorded temperature change than those with white shingles. The houses with black shingles and roof ventilation had the largest temperature change.

Research Done By:

Kenneth R. Beaupre
Lakeview High School

Ryan C. Carnago
Sterling Heights High School