The Effictiveness of Inside/Outside Insulation

The purpose of our experiment was to determine if insulation placed on the outside of a cement block retains heat better than a cement block with insulation on the inside. Because the cement blocks modeled the construction of a basement, they were constructed as an enclosure with five cement walls and a covered top for easy access to the inside of the enclosure. First we covered all six sides of the inside of two blocks and all six sides of the outside of two different blocks with flat board insulation. Next, we heated the inside of each block until it reached a certain temperature. We then shut off the heat source and measured the amount of time it took the inside to fall to a certain temperature. Our results showed that the block with insulation on the inside held heat better than the block with insulation on the outside.

Research Done By:

Joseph Hardy
Center Line High School

Adam Hashimoto
Center Line High School