The Effects of Coil Length, Magnetic Strength, and Voltage on the Torque of Direct Current Motors

The torque of the motor is a very important property of the motor. The torque tells how much force you can apply to the shaft. This experiment was used to find ways of increasing the torque within small DC motors. Our objective was to find which factor or combination of factors had the greatest effect on the torque. Coil length, voltage, and magnetism were the three factors which were changed on the motors. We were able to change the coil length by taking the motor apart, removing the armature, unwinding the coil, shortening the coil by a third or two-thirds, and finally rewinding the coil. The magnetism was changed by adding or removing magnets to the outer shell of the motor. We were able to change the voltage put through the motor by changing the voltage that the power supply box gave. Our results showed that the voltage, coil length, and magnetism all had a significant effect on the torque of the motor. However, we were able to conclude that the voltage alone was the greatest factor on the torque. Magnetism has the second greatest effect and coil length had the smallest effect.

Research Done By:

Philip Mathew
Cousino High School

Andrew VanSteenkiste
Sterling Heights High School