The Effect of Halogen, Fluorescent, and Black Lights on the Velocity of a Solar Powered Car

The purpose of our experiment was to determine which type of light bulb would produce the greatest energy, resulting in the greatest velocity of a solar powered car. We measured the velocity of the rear wheel of the car with a photogate connected to a laptop and then found the average velocity. Then we calculated three, two-sample t tests to determine whether or not there was a difference in the compared velocities. From our data and the statistical analysis, we determined that the black light produced the greatest velocity of the wheel followed by the halogen light bulb. We concluded that the black light did produce the greatest velocity, because it produced the greatest amount of UV light; which has more energy in the light spectrum than other wavelengths from white light. This experiment is relevant to the study of solar power and how it could be used on modern vehicles to supply alternative power to the engine.

Research Done By:

Richard Ireland
Clintondale High School

Danielle Mozal
L'Anse Creuse High School North