The objective of our experiment was to determine what factors or combination of factors would yield the greatest hovering height of a model hovercraft. We constructed a simple hovercraft using instructions found online. Once it was completed, we ran several trials. During each trial we changed either the surface area of the hovercraft, the number of holes in the skirting of the hovercraft, or the type of surface the hovercraft was tested over. When we had collected thirty-three data samples, we performed a three factor design of experiment to determine which factors had a significant effect on hovering height. The DOE demonstrated that only the surface area and the interaction of both surface area and number of skirting holes had an affect on the hovering height. We concluded from the results of the DOE that the size of the surface area of a hovercraft affected the hovering height. Contrary to what was expected, a smaller surface area actually resulted in an increase in height.

Research Done By:

Bryan Schumaker
L'Anse Creuse High School North

Matt Simpson
Center Line High School