The Efficiency of Resistors

Power resistors are important components of many high-powered systems, including speaker sets. In our experiment, we tested the general efficiency of four 100 Watt resistors set to a resistance of .36 ohms. For testing, we placed a resistor in a graduated cylinder with water in it, and connected it to a 6-Volt car battery for 300 seconds. We measured the amount of energy produced in the water, in Joules, and compared it to the calculated amount of energy that should have been produced with a t test. We hypothesized that the actual amount of energy produced in the water would be less than the projected amount, which was calculated. We accepted our hypothesis, as the amount of actual energy produced was significantly less than the amount calculated, on average, after repeating erroneous trials.

Research Done By:

Chris Duda
Warren Mott High School

Joshua Tylenda
Sterling Heights High School