The Attenuation of Microwaves by Plastic Resins

The purpose of our experiment was to find out which plastics attenuate microwave radiation the most. We used common plastics to see what types of plastics that cell phone manufacturers should stay away from using in their products since cell phones pick up radio waves. To test this we had set up a receiver and a transceiver with a distance of 1.5m between them. We then measured the total microwave input before and after the samples were placed between the receiver and the transceiver at 0m and 1.5m from the transceiver. An ANOVA was then performed on our data to see if the whole population was the same or whether it was not. According to our ANOVA test, the different plastics are not all the same, and there are differences between them. We concluded that our fourth sample, Spectrim, was the plastic that attenuated the most microwave radiation.

Research Done By:

Greg Affeldt
Centerline High School

Kris Westen
Cousino High School