The Difference in Presicion of Hits Between Different Style Putters

The purpose of the experiment is to determine the effect different types of putters and different points of contact on the putter face have on the precision of the putt. The putters used in the experiment were a mallet putter, a blade putter and a peripherally weighted putter. To determine their precision, each putter was hit from the sweet spot, the toe and the heel using a putting machine for uniformity. The results of the experiment showed was that the when the ball is hit off of the toe of the putter, the variance, of the degrees of the angle increased, increased while the precision of the putt decreased. Overall the mallet putter seemed to have the most discrepancy among putts on all points of contact along the putter face.

Research Done By:

Mike Newton
Warren Woods Tower High School

Justin Vail
Warren Woods Tower High School