Determining the Efficiency of Current Wireless Energy Transfer Methods

The purpose of this experiment was to determine which system of wireless energy transfer was the most efficient.  Three different systems of wireless energy transfer were used to find which was the most efficient.  First each type of wireless energy transfer was tested with varying variables such as power and distance.  Then the power output of the system was measured and compared to the power input to find the overall efficiency of each system.  These were then tested to find which system was the most efficient.  The results gathered from the data and analysis is inconclusive.  Due to multiple uncontrollable lurking variables no conclusions can be made about the results we obtained.  Observations from this experiment can help designers and engineers to come up with ways of using the most efficient system to charge and power every day things wirelessly.

Research Done By:

Robert Brasza
Cousino High School

Justin Cetnar
Lake Shore High School